Ideas for Day I

You couldn't ask for more... in the vicinity of this Jasper accommodation you can experience fine world-class dining, soak in world class hot springs, have excellent wildlife viewings of animals such as mountain goats and bighorn sheep which gather near the mineral licks within 15 minutes of Wyndswept.

1. Mark kilometers on you car and clock from my driveway about 17km, west. There is a pullout to the left, there is a little sign on a rock pillar saying "mineral lick" but no marker on the roadside telling you to turn in. Look up in hills and down by the water as the mtn goats and big horn sheep come here to get salt from the mineral lick (big dirty white rock to the left). The white shaggy haired ones are the mtn goats and the beige ones are big horn sheep. Male sheep have curved horns and females have no horns or horns pointed forward.

2. If like to look for bald headed eagles stop along Talbot Lake, on the left and watch the tree tops for the white flash as the eagle watches for fish, often loons there in late evening as well.

3. Just before the town of Jasper turn left going over the bridge to Maligne lake and Maligne Canyon. Keep to the left, do not turn into Jasper Park Lodge(yet), go into fourth road on the left, that is the main parking lot for Maligne Canyon, can walk down as far as you wish, takes about 45 min to 60 min to the bottom, nicest part is first loop (if don't have time) turn around after the bridges over the canyon. Remember to walk back up takes longer as you gotta breath !!!

4. Go back onto Maligne Lake road and drive until you hit the turn off on the right, it comes up quickly, for Medicine Lake. Stop and read the dynamics of how this lake works, only three lakes like it in the world as it is fed from the underground from melt off of the glaciers, come fall it will be a big dry sandy valley with no water. Natives exploring here yrs ago thought there were spirits here as the lake disappeared thus named Medicine Lake. Bear being spotted by Medicine Lake, just off the side of the road.

5. Continue on up to Maligne Lake, bear, moose are often spotted on this road. In May and early June often can see the caribou. If stop to watch for the rare harlequin duck, just pull off the road and sit and watch the river where it is fast flowing as that is where they like it. This is one of the few nesting sites in the whole world.

6. When arrive at Maligne lake purchase your ticket right away for the boat cruise down the lake, this is a must see, Spirit Island is great, the ride is beautiful with glaciers , waterfalls, often bears or moose or otters swimming. Nice walk along the left side of the lake but watch for your boat so don't miss it. Lovely place to rent a canoe and go for a paddle, too cold to swim. In early spring and summer lots of orchids along lake.

7. The teahouse at Maligne lake has good food if time for a bite to eat, otherwise, can go back down the hill and go into Jasper Park Lodge for a drink on the deck, view is great, snacks are good, pricey, neat little Christmas store in the basement mall.Pull into Lake Annette and see the lovely lake locals swim in, glacer fed and just an awesome color and warm in summer.Go for swim!!!:)..chicken!!

8. Head back east, watch for turn off to Meitte hot springs. Up at top of road( takes abut 25 min to drive to hot springs) is a resturant called Meitte bungalows restaurant, good Alberta steak. If don't eat meat there is great salmon and Greek dishes or regular menu too. Go for a soak first at spa building, it closes at 9pmin spring and fall and 10:30 in summer, restaurant closes at 11pm.

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